General William “Kip” Ward and His Support of Africare

As the inaugural Commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), General William “Kip” Ward has a unique perspective of the challenges and issues facing African people as they aim to build strong, productive, and healthy communities.

While serving as Commander of the AFRICOM, General Ward established the nation’s newest and most uniquely positioned interagency geographic command. The responsibility of the command was enormous. Comprised of staff representatives from State, Commerce, Treasury, Homeland Security, and other U.S. Cabinet departments and agencies, the command was responsible for all U.S. defense and security activities on the African continent and its island nations.

As a leader who was mission-focused and believed everyone had a part in that General Ward promoted the value of forging relationships, creating partnerships, engaging regional cooperation, and ensuring sustained security engagement in protecting and pursuing U.S. national interests.


Before he commanded AFRICOM, General Ward served in a number of different roles, including Deputy Commander of the United States European Command where he was responsible for the command’s day-to-day activities. General Ward has had a distinguished career in the armed forces, commanding at every level from platoon to geographic command.

General Ward is a decorated combat veteran and master paratrooper who learned the importance of teamwork and supporting other members of the team to ensure every mission was completed. General Ward has been honored for his selfless service to his nation and continued efforts to protect America’s interests at home and abroad.

At Africare, an NGO that works toward improving life quality for people in Africa, Ward is the Secretary of the organization’s Board of Directors. Africare’s core expertise include engaging local African communities, building infrastructure to facilitate a stronger sense of community, driving behavioral change within locals, and innovating public-private partnerships. The NGO has participated in and organized many programs in an effort to curb the AIDs epidemic, improve nutrition across the continent, ensure locals have clean drinking water, etc.

This blog will focus on General William “Kip” Ward’s work with this wonderful organization and what is on the horizon.